US Copper Production Targeted for Q4, 2019

June 2019: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

June 17, 2019

June 2019: Pumpkin Hollow Progress and Construction Update

Our second June update is here! We are of course still on track to enter production in Q4 of this year. Below you will find some new drone and time lapse footage of the latest activity on site, as well a brief written update.

East Main Shaft

  • Total Lateral development to date has now advanced 4,400feet on both levels and has reached the bottom of the East North ventilation shaft.
  • Alimak infrastructure has been installed and the Alimak has advanced vertically 78 feet.
  • Three new mining fronts have commenced: central ramp system, upper coarse ore bin (COB) access and upper geotechnical test stope access.
  • From the 2770 level, the team is advancing the COB lower excavations and advancing the lower access toward the geotechnical test stope.

Up next: Continue driving the Alimak development and continue advancing all other lateral development fronts.

(New bucket cutting edge installed on R-1600 LHD)

East-North Vent Shaft

Progress on the EN Vent Shaft is continuing at a good pace and we are now more than 920 ft below surface.

Up next: Continue sinking the shaft until we intersect the Alimak from the 2850 level.

Surface Works

Surface infrastructure and processing equipment advancing to plan:

  • Sag Mill is now being put together with both shells and heads installed.
  • Ball Mill heads, shells and trunions are installed.
  • Vertical Mill is set on its foundation.
  • Fresh water tank is completed
  • 120 kV substation is advanced well and conduit being installed.
  • Structural steel has advanced four stories and elevated concrete floors are being installed.
  • Tailings filter press and air compressor foundations are complete.
  • Lining of the dry stack tailings cell one is complete
  • Thickened tailings tank is nearly completed.

Up next: Continue with structural steel works. Additional work will continue on forming and foundations of the Sag Mill feed hopper and conveyor areas.

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David Swisher, SVP of Operations

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