North America's Next Copper Producer

Pumpkin Hollow

Overhead view of site

Relocation of laydown yard progress

Concrete testing

Winch pad extension concrete pour


Mucking in the Shaft

Sub Collar

Looking up through the Shaft


Head Frame, Hoist House and Shop

Going down the Shaft


Yerington Area

Well Drilling East Area

South Deposit View

Drill Rig

South Deposit Drilling

Rainbow - Pot of Copper, East Deposit

North Deposit Drilling

North Deposit and Compound

North Deposit & Compound

NC06-01 5+% copper

High Grade

East looking West

East Deposit, Hole NC07-21, 7+% copper

East Deposit

East & South Deposits

E2 looking West

Drilling commences November 2006 - North Deposit

Core Sheds

Inside the Core Shed